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PhD Training Program in IBAR

The PhD Program of the Institute of Biochemistry (IBAR), organized under the auspices of the Romanian Academy, is open to highly qualified graduate students with degrees in natural sciences or medicine who wish training in biochemistry and molecular biology. The PhD training of IBAR is part of The School of Advanced Study of the Romanian Academy (SCOSAAR).

The program is designed to educate those students committed to research, aiming to follow international competitive careers in universities, governmental institutes or private companies.

The research area covered by the PhD Program includes: molecular mechanisms of protein synthesis and degradation, cell and molecular biology, enzymology, structural biochemistry, bioinformatics and molecular modelling, with applications in cancer, diabetes, and immunology.

Applicants should have a degree in biological, chemical, or physical sciences or medicine. Students with excellent academic qualifications and strong commitment to laboratory research are encouraged to apply.

For details please contact Dr. Mihaela Trif, tel: (+4)., email:

PhD admissions

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PhD Training Topics

Additional Information

The admission to the PhD program is granted base on an exam which will be organized at the Institute of Biochemistry.

For 2019 admissions, registration can be done by submitting an application at the Institute of Biochemistry, Splaiul Indenpendentei 296, Sector 6, Bucharest, between 02-13 September 2019.

The exam will take place between 16-27 September 2019, at the same institution, on the second floor. The bibliography for the exam will be made available for the contestants on the websites of the Institute of Biochemistry and of SCOSAAR starting August 20th, 2019.

The results of the exam will be made public before September 30th, 2019 and the final results will be made public on the October 8th, 2019.

The language exam is to take place in certified institutions only. Certificates which have been granted by institutions approved by SCOSAAR in the last 2 years will be accepted.

Adresa si calendar SCOSAAR privind organizarea admiterii la doctorat 2019-2020

Required documents

For the registration to the doctoral colloquium, the Romanian candidates must bring the following documents:

  • Application request - standard document;
  • Birth certificate (legalized copy);
  • Marriage certificate or any document regarding name change (legalized copy);
  • High-school graduation diploma (legalized copy);
  • Bachelor degree diploma and transcript of records (legalized copies);
  • Master degree diploma and transcript of records (legalized copies);
  • ID card (xerox copy);
  • Language exam certificate (minimum level: B2, according to the Council Of Europe);
  • Other certificates regarding university or post-university training in the field of Biology;
  • CV – European model (1st part: CV, 2nd part: description of the scientific activity);
  • List of scientific papers published by candidate
  • Bibliographic list with the specialized literature studied for the admission colloquium;
  • Personal details file - standard document;
  • Doctoral thesis proposal, including short presentation - 1, 2 pages;
  • Proof of employment for candidate that are employed.

Open positions

Approved student positions at the Institute of Biochemistry: 9.

PhD Advisor Training topic Number of open positions Bibliography
without bursary with bursary
1 Dr. Petrescu Ştefana Maria Cellular and molecular biology 0 2 bibliography
2 Dr. Szedlacsek Ştefan Eugen Enzimology and cellular signaling 0 2 bibliography
3 Dr. Petrescu Andrei Jose Bioinformatics and structural biology 0 1 bibliography
4 Dr. Nichita Norica Beatrice Molecular virusology 1 3 bibliography
Total: 9

Accepted candidates

Following the contest on September 24, 2019, 6 candidates were accepted.

PhD Field PhD Advisor Approved candidates
Biology Dr. Petrescu Ştefana Maria Anghel G. Sorina Andreea with bursary
Orobeți N. (Iosub) Cristina Ștefana with bursary
Biology Dr. Nichita Norica Beatrice Cucoș S.V. Lia Maria with bursary
Pantazică GH. Ana-Maria with bursary
Ghionescu S.A. Alina-Veronica with bursary
Biology Dr. Petrescu Andrei Jose Sârghie O. Larisa with bursary
Total: 6. 6 with bursary, 0 without.

PhD Training Topics

Additional Information

Admiterea candidatilor la doctorat se face prin concurs, care se organizeaza la sediul Institutului de Biochimie.

Pentru sesiunea octombrie 2018 inscrierile se vor face la sediul Institutului de Biochimie, Splaiul Independentei 296, Sector 6, Bucuresti, in perioada 10-21 septembrie 2018.

Concursul se va desfasura in perioada 1 - 12 octombrie 2018, in acelasi sediu, etajul 2. Bibliografia aferenta colocviului este disponibila candidatilor pe site-ul Institutului de Biochimie.

Rezultatele finale vor fi afisate pe data de 26 octombrie 2018.

Examenul de competente lingvistice se sustine in cadrul institutiilor acreditate. Sunt acceptate si certificatele de competente lingvistice eliberate in ultimii 2 ani de catre institutii recunoscute de SCOSAAR.

Required documents

  • cerere de inscriere - formular tip (biroul doctorate);
  • certificat de nastere (copie legalizata);
  • certificat de casatorie sau alt act de schimbare a numelui (copie legalizata);
  • diploma de bacalaureat (copie legalizata);
  • diploma de licenta si foaie matricola (copii legalizate);
  • diploma de master si foaie matricola (copii legalizate);
  • cartea de identitate (copie xerox);
  • atestat de sustinere a unui examen de competente lingvistice sustinut la Centrul de Limbi Straine a Universitatii Bucuresti (nivelul minim B2, conform cadrului de referinta al Consiliului Europei);
  • alte certificate care atesta pregatire universitara si / sau postuniversitara in domeniul e;
  • curriculum vitae - model european(Partea a I - a:CV, Partea a II - a descrierea activitatii stiintifice);
  • lista lucrarilor stiintifice publicate in domeniul de studiu ales;
  • lista bibliografica cu literatura de specialitate studiata pentru colocviul de admitere;
  • fisa personala - formular tip (biroul doctorate);
  • propunere privind teza de doctorat ce urmeaza a fi elaborata si o scurta prezentare a acesteia -1,2 pagini - formular tip (biroul doctorate);
  • adeverinta de salariat in cazul in care candidatul este angajat;

Open positions

Approved student positions at the Institute of Biochemistry: 8.

PhD Advisor Training topic Number of open positions with bursary Bibliography
1 Dr. Petrescu Ştefana Maria Cellular and molecular biology 1 bibliography
2 Dr. Nichita Norica Beatrice Molecular virusology 2 bibliography
3 Dr. Szedlacsek Ştefan Eugen Enzimology and cellular signaling 2 bibliography
4 Dr. Elena Ganea plierea si deplierea proteinelor 1 bibliography
5 Dr. Petrescu Andrei Jose Bioinformatics and structural biology 2 bibliography
Total: 8

Previous PhD defences:

Year Name Abstract of the PhD Thesis
2018 Anca Filimon "Tumor antigens with potential use for diagnosis and prognosis of malignant melanoma. Nanoparticles for targeted release of biologically active compounds"
2018 Ovidiu Vlaicu "Interaction between structural and non-structural Hepatitis C Virus proteins and biomedical applications"
2018 Mihaela Uță "Mechanism_of_Hepatitis B Virus proteins degradation."
2017 Cristian Butnaru "Role of mannosidases in Endoplasmic Reticulum Associated Degradation (ERAD)."
2017 Marius Surleac "Analysis methods applied in biomolecular modelling and simulation."
2016 Cristian V.A. Munteanu "MS analysis of proteomics interaction in ERAD & melanoma antigen presentation."
2016 Alexandra Gaspar "The cell - active compound interaction in tissular regeneration process."
2016 Gabriela Chiritoiu "The Role of N-glycosylation and ERAD in tyrosynase immunogenicity modulation."
2015 Petruta-Ramona Alexandru "Molecular mechanism of insulin secretion in pancreatic β-cells"
2015 Florin Pastrama "Procese reglatoare ale căilor de transport vezicular în celulele β-pancreatice. Identificarea interactorilor proteinei EDEM1 din calea ERAD"
2015 Monica Vanghele "Molecular Chaperones in Ovine Bacterial Infections"
2014 Mari Chiritoiu "The role of EDEM1 in glycoprotein degradation associated to the endoplasmic reticulum"
2014 Octavian Bucur "Novel Regulatory/Modulatory Mechanisms of Foxo3a/Foxo1 tumor suppressors and their function"
2014 Urs Andreea "Role of Saturated vs Unsaturated Fatty Acids in Cell. Mech. & Pathol."
2013 Paula Florian "Role of Lactoferrin in Immune Response in Infection & Inflammation."