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Catalin-Florentin Ion

Catalin-Florentin Ion
Group: Systems Biology of Aging
Department: Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry

Technician, Front-end developer


With a B.Sc. in Communication Sciences, biochim joined the Computational Biology of Aging Group in order to aesthetically shape all of our web resources and interactions with the outside work. Aside from his formal education in communications, he has been an auto didact web developer since 2008 and is now a skilled front-end developer. He is passionate about science and technology and always keen to learn new things.



Gerontomics: Multi-omics prediction system for prioritization of gerontological interventions 2016-2021
Acronym: Gerontomics
Project director: Robi Tacutu

Starting 02.09.2016, the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy is implementing the project “Multi-omics prediction system for prioritization of gerontological interventions”, co-funded through European Fund for Regional Development, in accordance with the funding contract signed by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research. The total funding for the project is 8.524.757,50 lei, of which 8.502.557,50 lei represent non-reimbursable funding. The project’s duration is 48 months.