Anton Yurievich Kulaga, M.Phil.

Anton Yurievich Kulaga
Group: Systems Biology of Aging
Department: Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry

Bioinformatics research assistant


Anton has a formal background in international management and economics (Kyiv National Economic University, 2003 - 2008, M.A. with honors). Being passionate about programming since high school, he worked for many years as a software developer. With time however, Anton realized that the pace of progress in solving aging was too slow and decided to take an active position on this matter. He started helping aging researchers and promoting ideas of radical life extension and transhumanism. In 2014, Anton co-founded the International Longevity Alliance, an umbrella organization, uniting forces of longevity activists and advocacy groups all over the world. Understanding, that activism alone may not be enough, Anton gradually switched to bioinformatics by taking online courses and participating in research projects. In 2015-2016 Anton went to the Center of Interdisciplinary Research (Paris, France) where he received training in computational and synthetic biology. In 2017 he joined the Computational Biology of Aging Group as a bioinformatician. Anton’s research interests lie in the fields of biogerontology, mammalian synthetic biology, bioinformatics, new institutional economics, and complexity theory. In his spare time, he also spends time on roller skating, reading science fiction, longevity activism, open-source software development and taking MOOCs on different topics.




Gerontomics: Multi-omics prediction system for prioritization of gerontological interventions 2016-2021
Acronym: Gerontomics
Project director: Robi Tacutu

Starting 02.09.2016, the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy is implementing the project “Multi-omics prediction system for prioritization of gerontological interventions”, co-funded through European Fund for Regional Development, in accordance with the funding contract signed by the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research. The total funding for the project is 8.524.757,50 lei, of which 8.502.557,50 lei represent non-reimbursable funding. The project’s duration is 48 months.

Microsoft Azure Research 2017-2018
Acronym: ML for Aging Research
Project director: Robi Tacutu

The Systems Biology of Aging team is grateful for the "Microsoft Azure for Research" sponsorship awarded to our group. We have received cloud computing resources worth the equivalent of 20,000$ credits, and this has greatly helped us to speed up some of our research projects.

Impact of Early life MetaBolic and psychosocial strEss on susceptibility to mental Disorders; from converging epigenetic signatures to novel targets for therapeutic intervention 2019-2022
Acronym: EMBED
Project director: Robi Tacutu

Starting 01.06.2019, the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy is implementing the EMBED project, funded by UEFISCDI (contract 103, from 01.06.2019), through the ERA-NET COFUND-NEURON III grant call. The project aims to assess the shared molecular links between pre- and post-natal, metabolic and psychosocial stress, and the risks of depression later in life, and its duration will be 36 months.