Andra-Elena Cosoreanu

Andra-Elena Cosoreanu
Group: Enzymology
Department: Enzymology


Andra-Elena Cosoreanu is a researcher in the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. Andra-Elena is currently working in Enzymology in the Enzymology.


No papers or books.


Radiolabelling of affibody for tumor diagnostic and theranostic application in the nuclear medicine 2022-2024
Acronym: Bilateral agreement no.2886/15.09.2021 Romanian Academy- Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Project director: Stefan Szedlacsek

The project is agreed as a joint collaboration among IBAR, ATOMKI and UD, the latter being a cost free participant. There are two main directions envisaged by the proposed project: - receptors mapping and therapy, using an affibody against HER2 receptors, combined with an adequate radioisotope. In this respect, the specific objectives are: a) expression and purification of affibodies; b) establishing labelling procedures; c) ex vivo and/or in vivo testing of optimal compounds.