Eliza Martin, Ph.D. student

Eliza Martin
Group: Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry
Department: Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry

Research assistant


Eliza Martin is a researcher in the Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy. Eliza is currently working in Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry in the Bioinformatics & Structural Biochemistry.


  • Martin EC, Ion CF, Ifrimescu F, Spiridon L, Bakker J, Goverse A, Petrescu AJ.Martin EC et al . "NLRscape: an atlas of plant NLR proteins", Nucleic Acids Res., (2022)
    IF: 19.16AI: 5.51
  • Martin EC, Spiridon L, Goverse A, Petrescu AJ.Martin EC et al . "NLRexpress-A bundle of machine learning motif predictors-Reveals motif stability underlying plant Nod-like receptors diversity", Front Plant Sci. 13: 975888, (2022)
    IF: 6.63AI: 1.17
  • van Grinsven IL, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Kormelink R.van Grinsven IL et al . "Tsw - A case study on structure-function puzzles in plant NLRs with unusually large LRR domains", Front Plant Sci 13: 983693, (2022)
    IF: 6.63AI: 1.17
  • Baudin M, Martin EC, Sass C, Hassan JA, Bendix C, Sauceda R, Diplock N, Specht CD, Petrescu AJ, Lewis JDBaudin M et al . "A natural diversity screen in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals determinants for HopZ1a recognition in the ZAR1-ZED1 immune complex", Plant, cell & environment 44(2): 629-644, (2021)
    IF: 6.16AI: 1.91
  • Manica G, Ghenea S, Munteanu CVA, Martin EC, Butnaru C, Surleac M, Chiritoiu GN, Alexandru PR, Petrescu AJ, Petrescu SMManica G et al . "EDEM3 Domains Cooperate to Perform Its Overall Cell Functioning", Int. J. Mol. Sci. 4(22): 2172, (2021)
    IF: 4.56AI: 0.80
  • Manoliu LCE, Martin EC, Milac AL, Spiridon LManoliu LCE et al . "Effective Use of Empirical Data for Virtual Screening against APJR GPCR Receptor", Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 26(16), (2021)
    IF: 4.41AI: 0.60
  • Mernea M, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Avram SMernea M et al . "Deep Learning in the Quest for Compound Nomination for Fighting COVID-19", Current medicinal chemistry 28(28): 5699-5732, (2021)
    IF: 4.18AI: 0.75
  • Baudin M, Schreiber KJ, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Lewis JDBaudin M et al . "Structure-function analysis of ZAR1 immune receptor reveals key molecular interactions for activity", The Plant journal: for cell and molecular biology 101(2): 352-370, (2020)
    IF: 5.70
  • Martin EC, Vicari C, Tsakou-Ngouafo L, Pontarotti P, Petrescu AJ, Schatz DG.Martin EC et al . "Identification of RAG-like transposons in protostomes suggests their ancient bilaterian origin", Mobile DNA 11: 17, (2020)
    IF: 3.63AI: 0.90
  • Martin EC, Sukarta OCA, Spiridon L, Grigore LG, Constantinescu V, Tacutu R, Goverse A, Petrescu AJMartin EC et al . "LRRpredictor-A New LRR Motif Detection Method for Irregular Motifs of Plant NLR Proteins Using an Ensemble of Classifiers", Genes (Basel) 11(3): 286, (2020)
    IF: 3.33
  • Ionescu AE, Mentel M, Munteanu CVA, Sima LE, Martin EC, Necula-Petrareanu G, Szedlacsek SEIonescu AE et al . "Analysis of EYA3 Phosphorylation by Src Kinase Identifies Residues Involved in Cell Proliferation", International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(24): 6307, (2019)
    IF: 4.18
  • Wróblewski T, Spiridon L, Martin EC, Petrescu AJ, Cavanaugh K, Truco MJ, Xu H, Gozdowski D, Pawłowski K, Michelmore RW, Takken FLWWróblewski T et al . "Genome-wide functional analyses of plant coiled-coil NLR-type pathogen receptors reveal essential roles of their N-terminal domain in oligomerization, networking, and immunity", PLoS biology 16(12): e2005821, (2018)
    IF: 8.39
  • Slootweg EJ, Spiridon LN, Martin EC, Tameling WIL, Townsend PD, Pomp R, Roosien J, Drawska O, Sukarta OCA, Schots A, Borst JW, Joosten MHAJ, Bakker J, Smant G, Cann MJ, Petrescu AJ, Goverse ASlootweg EJ et al . "Distinct Roles of Non-Overlapping Surface Regions of the Coiled-Coil Domain in the Potato Immune Receptor Rx1", Plant physiology 178(3): 1310-1331, (2018)
    IF: 6.30
  • Martin EC, Tudor V, Madalan A, Maxim C, Tuna F, Lloret F, Julve M, Andruh MMartin EC et al . "Heterometallic CoII-CoIII-MII alkoxido-bridged heptanuclear motifs (M = Cu, Zn). Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties", Inorganica Chimica Acta(475): 98-104, (2018)
    IF: 2.43
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