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Targeting ER
with Liposomes
TM domains
in Folding
Announcement of TWO New Positions opened in IBAR:
    Two Research Assistants - grant 1-PCCDI/2018
    see here Terms and Conditions for Applications & Contest
Announcement of a New Position Opened in IBAR:
    see here Conditions for Applications & Contest
RSBMB International Conference 2018
First Announcement
24 May 2018:
3rd User Course in BIOINFORMATICS at IBAR
IBAR Bioinformatics Training course
10-11 May 2018:
2nd User Course in BIOINFORMATICS at IBAR
RSBI-RSBMB Training course for Biomedical Users
18-20 April 2018:
Course and Workshop of BIOINFORMATICS at IBAR
EMBL-EBI training course   &  RSBI-RSBMB 2nd Bioinformatics Workshp
02 March 2018 - Seminar: :
"DNAdrive: Data storage in bacteria"
Alexandru Bratosin, Petru Molla & Vlad Bojian - 'Anna de Noailles' High School, Bucharest
20 February 2018: ERANET Workshop: :
"Identification of first in class chemical scaffolds against Hepatitis C Virus NS2 cysteine protease"
IBAR citeria for Senior Researcher selection: CS-III, CS-II & CS-I .