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Targeting ER
with Liposomes
TM domains
in Folding
Master of Science Program IBAR: Admission 2014:
MSc Program in "Biological Chemistry" of IBAR - SNSB, 17 October 2014, 1000
29 September 2014, 1000, IBAR Seminar Room:
Defence - by Marioara Chiritoiu of her
PhD Thesis: " The Role of EDEM1 in Glycoprotein Degradation Associated to the Endoplasmic Reticulum".
Admission to the Doctoral Program of IBAR-SCOSAAR
here are the: Terms, Conditions & Necessary Documents.
10-12 September 2014,
Amphitheater "I.H. Radulescu", Library of the Romanian Academy:
EU-COST Workshop: "Structure-Guided Investigation of Effector Function, Action and Recognition".